From the new Firebase integration with Google Cloud Platform, the industry default mobile backend service, to the stealthy Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), a custom chip which powers machine learning apps, to the new APIs for sheets and slides— getting your hands of this stuff is difficult enough if you have the proclivity to develop the next big thing in an enterprise.

It is no news that Google Cloud Platform now recommends container-optimized OS image based on Chromium OS, which is an open source version of the Chrome OS. With container-optimized OS image, users of Google Cloud Platform will have greater control security, compliance, build management, and the customizations of services such as Docker runtime and Kubernetes and Google Compute Engine’s metadata framework and image packages.

The next big thing in the industry might be the adoption of containerized workloads, but Google Cloud Platforms users still spend a lot of energy and time sending emails to their client. They send lots of email to recipients in different geographical locations. For the users of Goggle Cloud Platform with customers based in Europe, Mailjet, an email marketing firm announced this week that several of its services can be directly accessed from Google Compute Engine and Google App Engine. Also, the service is fully compliant with the US laws as well as the privacy regulations of the European Union, thanks to the servers positioned on the old continent.

Certainly, the location of the cloud service is as important as the service itself. Data Center Knowledge provided us a great Q&A from Google Vice President of Datacenter Operations, Joe Kava. In the Q&A, he discussed in about Google Cloud Platform’s plans to launch their service in new regions in the coming months, such as Tokyo. He also discussed why it’s so important to build data centers in major metropolitan areas in cloud services.

The advantage of Google Cloud platform over other cloud vendors is the exclusive access to Google’s secret sauce for being Google. This gives Google the ability to reap huge rewards by democratizing the processes and technology that let it run at a large scale, all while analyzing and processing data to boost its advertising business.