Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s product for companies looking to establish a fresh digital infrastructure.

This innovative cloud computing service was created by Microsoft, and its purpose is to build, test, reply and manage the application. This happens by way of a sophisticated global network featuring various data centers, managed by Microsoft itself.

Naturally, this brings a lot of options to the table, rushing Microsoft at the forefront of the industry as one of the most competitive and comprehensive services in this particular space.

Azure is really great for developers. Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure can be used as a platform to build and launch a wide variety of application. Azure even provide a range of built-in tools, with the ability to write code and more. One of the most notable features of Microsoft Azure is most definitely Microsoft Azure stack. This cloud-computing software is a true hybrid solution. It was developed as a way to help compartmentalize and deliver various Azure services, from different data centers.

Through Azure’s scalable range of services, it is quite easy to come up with the perfect solutions for any business, of any size. The versatility of this platform makes it very malleable for many environments and contexts.