We are always looking for ways to keep our data safe. One of the options available is storing information is in the cloud. For those who don’t know, this is a way you can store data remotely rather than on your own device. It drastically cuts IT costs while also speeding up operations. But how safe is it to save data remotely?


You are entrusting a third party to oversee your data and keep it safe. But you are giving up control of your data when you do this. What happens if disaster strikes? Your data could be lost, corrupted, or even stolen.

A common assumption is that the cloud service provider handles your data and ensuring that nothing goes wrong. And they might make promises that it’s safe, but it’s still your data. Therefore, it’s your responsibility.


In short, cloud providers use data encryption to prevent data breaches. The data is encrypted while in transit and while on the cloud servers. And a cloud service that offers you the ability to set the encryption keys and has control over who can access the data is important in controlling the safety of the data while using cloud services.

Storing data on the cloud prevents you from being susceptible to a data breach when you need to share your data with someone else. So, when you’re emailing files back and forth, you’re at risk.

Cloud services often have backups of your data. This is a benefit.  It’s hard for a small company specially to emulate this on their own due to cost.  Cloud servers also can store your data in multiple locations.

So do your homework to ensure that your data is safe in the cloud.