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Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

We are always looking for ways to keep our data safe. One of the options available is storing information is in the cloud. For those who don't know, this is a way you can store data remotely rather than on your own device. It drastically cuts IT costs while also...

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Overview of Kubenetes

Unlike many other providers, Kubernetes is actually an open-source platform. This means that its code is publicly available and that anyone with the skills and will to make changes could easily do so. What Kubernetes really excels at is providing flexible environments...

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Overview of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s product for companies looking to establish a fresh digital infrastructure. This innovative cloud computing service was created by Microsoft, and its purpose is to build, test, reply and manage the application. This happens by way of a...

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Overview of AWS

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, and it also holds a leading position in the digital infrastructures world. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) / PaaS (Platform as a Service) provider in the industry, and its...

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Overview of MicroServices

MicroServices is a really fantastic tool for businesses who are seeking to establish a viable digital footprint, without compromising in terms of reach, versatility, and functionality. To get a bit more technical, MicroServices is a software developed model, based on...

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As we complete the first quarter of 2018, let’s take a moment to look back at recent history and the excessive number of data breaches. And they weren’t just your normal breaches. There has been viral, full-on campaign hacking, state-sponsored ransomware, and leaks of...

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