MicroServices is a really fantastic tool for businesses who are seeking to establish a viable digital footprint, without compromising in terms of reach, versatility, and functionality. To get a bit more technical, MicroServices is a software developed model, based on several small independent services connecting together, as opposed to one big, chunky platform (aptly known as “Monolithic Architecture”). MicroServices can be operated by smaller teams, making management a lot easier.  One of the most amazing things about MicroServices is definitely the fact that it offers a lot of tweak-ability options. It is perfect for every digital tinkerer out there, and it is definitely a fantastic solution for anyone who is willing to go the extra mile to further customize their infrastructure.

MicroServices could be seen a little bit as a dinner buffet. You don’t need to eat the foods that you don’t like or the stuff that you’re allergic too. There are plenty of other options, tailored specifically to your needs. The best part is, you don’t have to pay for the food that you don’t eat (aka, the services that you do not use).

This is actually the best way to appeal to companies of varying sizes. From small businesses to bigger companies, anyone can benefit greatly from relying on MicroServices.

Ultimately, the MicroServices model is the present, and the future of the Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) industries. This particular approach really suits the global market and enable companies to appeal to a much broader pool of customers. Why appeal only to big corporations, when you can sell cheaper selected services to smaller businesses as well?

Why focusing on small services for small businesses, when big corporations can expand the range of services they need virtually endlessly? You certainly get the idea. Technologies are becoming increasingly more effective and flexible, and the strength of global Cloud networks is becoming massive, allowing MicroServices architecture to really take off and hit the big time.