As one of the world’s foremost companies, Google is always on the forefront of the technology and IT industry, not only chasing new trends and developments, but also dictating new ones with its sheer influence and fostering its continual expansion with intelligent strategic decisions.

In line with the fast-paced growth of cloud computing, Google is heavily investing in new infrastructure that will allow the organization to increase service speed and widen worldwide networks. Currently, Google is working on three subsea cables (known as the Curie, Havfrue and the Hong Kong-Guam cables) to be completed in 2019. Google already sports the most extensive cloud network on the planet, and it is poised to keep increasing its outreach with this installation, which will further the company’s global growth exponentially. According to estimates, Google’s infrastructure is responsible for roughly 25% of total Internet traffic throughout the world.

This is a testament to Google’s profound impact on the global industry, and its intention to remain a powerful presence in the cloud computing world, racing up against other giants, including Amazon and IBM, who are also bracing for infrastructure growth.